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Uric Acid Test Kit

Postby taylorpr » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:47 am

When trying to lower uric acid levels, it is important to consider diet. A diet high in purines can lead to elevated levels. Moderate exercise, proper hydration, and food intake can all play a role in attaining a blood uric acid level that is healthy.

If someone is concerned about hyperuricemia, it is sometimes helpful to use a handheld blood monitor. UASure makes a uric acid meter that is very helpful in monitoring day-to-day levels. In addition to tracking levels over time, the UASure meter can help to determine how an individual's body reacts to purine amounts and types. By taking a reading before and after meals, for instance, the rise in uric acid can be found. Taking additional readings can determine how quickly the body gets rid of the harmful substance as well.

Especially when considering the effects and consequences of high uric acid levels, it is simply not possible to have too much information. One can have only so many blood samples sent to a lab, and it is much easier, cheaper, and practical to take readings at home on a daily, or perhaps hourly, basis. UASure made the first hand-held meter on the market, and their product is still the most accurate meter of its type today.

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